The AWS Simple Beer Service team came in and gave tips on how to scale IoT data streams and design hardware for maximum reliability.

  • log all device registers, so that big data analytics can be performed later in the cloud

  • ack-back to acknowledge commands sent to the device

  • structure s3 config/command files so that it’s sorted by location/area/type/customer/etc
    • e.g. /:location/:type/:MAC
  • anti-pattern: push firmware updates remotely
    • problem: if you kill it, it’s dead, nobody’s around to fix it
    • use staged rollouts, careful exception management
    • have a fallback mode that is unbreakable
  • bootstrapped device setup
    • beer dispenser boots up with wifi in AP mode, then you can connect to it with any device to config new SSID/password/etc, then it restarts into normal mode

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